Terra Bruce Productions Continues Its Trajectory as a Creative Force and Employment Generator for the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Terra Bruce Productions is pleased to announce the purchase of 27 Mayor Avenue as a creative production space. The purchase comes after a successful past year for Terra Bruce, and this new space will be the locus for the creation of many new theatrical and musical productions. With Terra Bruce Productions regularly releasing music videos, plus a web-series and more musical theatre in the works, a larger space is essential to accommodate accelerated growth. The new space will also help facilitate much-needed training opportunities for musical theatre artists from the province.

“This new space is the latest step in our becoming a creative powerhouse right here,” says Terra Bruce Managing Producer Ann Connors. “When so many artists come together in one place, the results are magical, and we can’t wait to settle in and create.”

Terra Bruce Productions currently employs NL-based administrative, technical and production staff on a full-time basis and contracts the services of over 50 professional in-province theatre creators including writers, designers, technicians, filmmakers and production crews annually from project to project. And with 13 NL artists and five full-time administrative and creative staff, for a total of 18 full-time jobs, Terra Bruce Productions is now the largest privately funded arts organization in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Terra Bruce Productions’ COO Bob Hallett added, “In its day, 27 Mayor Avenue was one of the finest homes in St, John’s, and we hope to build on its legacy as a creative space, to create a new ‘mansion on the hill’ – a beacon for new art, music and theatre in St. John’s.”