Open Audition Call: NCITW

Audition Date:  Tuesday, September 7th , 2021
Location: 27 Mayor Avenue, St. John’s, NL

Terra Bruce Productions is holding (in-person) Open Auditions for

No Change in the Weather: A Newfoundland Musical
Original book by: Berni Stapleton
Adaptation by: Steve Cochrane
Score and Arrangements by: Jesse Grandmont
Direction by: Brad Hodder

Peggy O’Brien has died. Her family and friends sneak her body out of the funeral home (and tanning salon) and across the water to wake her in the old family home, in the resettled island community of God’s Back Pocket. A wandering American and newly stationed RCMP Constable find themselves in the middle of a family history littered with drama and secrecy. The dead don’t always know they’re dead and the living don’t always know themselves. A suddenly canceled wedding, a child of unknown parentage and Churchill Falls all collide with the supernatural in this raucous and hilarious Newfoundland Musical.

JAMES ‘SONNY BOY’ O’BRIEN: 40-60 (Open Ethnicity)
A life-long deputy minister of deputy ministers. Reclusive. Married to his work and estranged from his family. Trying to undo mistakes from the past. He left Jade standing at the altar when they were younger and he played a troubling part in the Churchill Falls deal.

JADE BUTLER: 40-60 (Open Ethnicity)
Handsome, with the flowing good looks of a woman who was probably the toast of every party in her youth. Her hair is styled and frosted, or dyed red, very complimentary ala Coronation Street. Her dress is vibrant, a crimson with lips and nails to match. She’s got a big laugh and runs a charitable free school lunch program for children in Alberta. Jade is removed from The Falls by time and distance. Coming back to God’s Back Pocket has put her guarded heart in jeopardy once again, and she must find a way to rise above her feelings for the two brothers. Jade tells herself and others she hasn’t suffered, but she has, and still does, for love of Sonny, and her feelings for his brother, Bill.

SALLY BROWN: 20-40 (Open Ethnicity; facility with French an asset)
A guide, interpreter and bridge to the other side. Maybe she even has some magic in herself. A force to be reckoned with, she was a close friend of Peggy’s. She is a doula of death. Sally is the curator of Peggy’s last wishes. She is here to help her friend pass over to the other side.

We are committed to progressive, equitable casting. We are looking for diverse ethnicities, abilities, genders and body types that reflect who Newfoundland is today.

Rehearsal / Production Dates: September 27th – December 5th, 2021
Produced under Canadian Actors’ EQUITY Association DOT Agreement (Tier 2).

You will be asked to prepare:

  • Scenes / Music from No Change in the Weather (Sides / Scores will be provided when audition time has been confirmed).
  • A Song selection of your own choosing.

To request an audition please contact, (Nefren Feizo-Gas / Company Manager) with a current headshot / photo and resume by Thursday, September 2nd, at 5:00pm NST

Those seeking to audition who do not reside in St. John’s, NL should also contact for Self-tape instructions and Deadlines.

Please note, all cast members must be fully vaccinated before the start of rehearsals.