Audition Call: Hymnal

Submission Deadline: Monday, September 19th, 2022

Terra Bruce Productions is holding auditions for a Workshop of a new Musical:

Production Title: Hymnal
Book by: Steve Cochrane
Score and Arrangements by: Mike Herriott
Directed by: Courtney Brown

Audition Dates: September 26 and 27, 2022 in Toronto

Callbacks will take place the afternoon of September 27, 2022

Workshop Dates: January 9-21, 2023 in St. John’s, NL


Hymnal follows the life of Irish immigrant, Paul Barry, who arrives in Chicago in nineteen fifty-five with his sights on a life in the priesthood, but soon meets a beautiful jazz singer, whose love sets him on a new path.  Moving through the various stages of a life in service, Paul’s ever-changing story is mirrored by the music of the time, as hymns become gospel, gospel becomes rock and roll–and he tries to answer that most elusive of questions: What is the measure of a good life?

We are casting the following Principal roles:

FATHER PAUL BARRY: 26-46. (Tenor)

Paul Barry (white, Irish) is an orphan. A fact he carries with himself everywhere he goes and in everything he does, whether he is making light of a tense situation to keep the peace,or tearing down the status quo to make a point. On his way to a life in the Priesthood, Paul is a music lover with the heart of a reformer—both of which lead to him leaving religion for a life in activism. In everything Paul does he fights for justice and compassion—two things he was deprived as a child at St. Joe’s Industrial School in Limerick.

DINAH SPREWELL: 20-30. (Contralto)

Dinah (African American / African Canadian) is a Jazz singer, actress, and a sometime social activist. She was perhaps on her way to settling for a life as a Secretary until she met Father Paul Barry, and took a leap of faith in herself and ran away to NYC to chase her dreams. Dinah is resilient, intelligent, incredibly charming and warm (all of which you can hear whenever she sings).

FATHER MALONEY: 50+ (Tenor/Baritone)

Father Maloney (American), would be the epitome of a god fearing man, if he didn’t secretly believe, on some level, that he is a god. He is an old school Priest and Bishop, that could be best described as a company man. He is everything that is wrong and right about the church in every sentence he speaks. He can be kind, he can be compassionate, he can give you council in a moment of crisis, but never at the expense of his own Catholic judgement and piety. 

FLOYD BENNETT: 30-40. (Baritone)

Floyd (African American / African Canadian) is so cool – if he ran with Miles Davis and John Coltrane people would wonder why Miles and Coltrane were ever considered cool. A gifted jazz pianist, Floyd spews confidence and has an intimidating intelligence and sense of taste. Though he can be gruff at times and always presents a cool exterior, his love for Dinah melts Floyd into a puddle that resides in the palm of her hand.

Note: For this workshop, it is preferred that the actor playing Floyd be able to play the piano. 

For all roles: Experience with Viewpoints is an asset, but not required.

Equity/Diversity Statement: We are committed to progressive, equitable casting. We are looking for diverse ethnicities, abilities, genders and body types. 

Pay: Per Canadian Actor’s Equity DOT Agreement (Theatre)

Audition Information:

You will be asked to prepare scenes and music from An American Hymnal. Sides / Scores will be provided when audition has been confirmed. An accompanist will be made available in the auditions. 

If you need accommodation at any stage of the application process, please do not hesitate to make a request.

To request an audition please send a current headshot / photo and resume to with the subject line “Hymnal January Workshop – Full Name”. We are also accepting auditions by self tape. Please indicate in the body of the email if you prefer to audition by self-tape or in person.

The workshop will take place in person in St. John’s, NL from January 9-21, 2023. Accommodation, travel and per diems will be provided. 

Please note that as per our current COVID-19 Health and Safety policy, proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 will be required from all artists as part of contracting.