Christmas 1915: A Letter of Hope from the Front.

A Christmas letter to mother, relating a story of hope amid the horrors of the First World War. As part of our Letters Series, the artists of Terra Bruce have brought another letter and its message of humanity to life in a new video, Christmas 1915: A Letter of Hope from the Front. The letter we’ve chosen as part of the video’s theme tells the story of Harold Henry Hill Simpson, born March 17, 1899, in Bayview, Prince Edward Island.

Simpson joined the Canadian Expeditionary Forces, and after two years experiencing the horrors of trench warfare on the western front, wrote a poignant letter home to his mother on Christmas Day. The letter beautifully describes his Christmas experience at the front when an unusual atmosphere of peace and calm descended, and guns fell silent.

Our video melds Simpson’s letter with another miraculous Christmas event from the Great War – soldiers on both sides laying down their arms and coming together in a few precious moments of peace and humanity. The gunfire ceased, and from “no man’s land’ the allied soldiers heard the words of Christmas carols drifting across the carnage. For a short time, no cannons roared, and all was calm and bright as men from both sides came together to greet each other, sing, and forget the conflict in which they were all embroiled.

These now famous instances of yuletide peace in wartime inspired the well-known song Christmas 1915 by Celtic Thunder, which is performed here by Terra Bruce Resident Artist Steve Maloney. Narrated by Terra Bruce Resident Artist Mark Whelan and brought to life by the Company’s skilled videographers, Christmas 1915: A Letter of Hope from the Front is Terra Bruce Productions’ message of hope for the season. We hope the video’s message of peace amid chaos resonates with viewers to inspire reflection on the cost of conflict and war. And brings solace and hope to those who need it. It is also a tribute to the fallen in all wars, and the loved ones left behind.

All is Calm. All is Bright. All Brothers Hand in Hand.