When uncertainty and worry gather, Newfoundland and Labrador artists do what they do best – spread a message of hope through music and song. Terra Bruce Productions is pleased to present its latest creative offering – Hard Times, Come Again No More – a new musical endeavour featuring Newfoundland and Labrador musicians and actor/vocalists. Intended as a letter of hope and resilience in these uncertain times, the song transcends location and is a message of perseverance and fortitude for all.

The song is traditional, and dates from the American Civil War. The spirit of this reimagined version resides in the determination of past generations of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians who’ve faced uncertainty, as we face our own unknowns today. The project is also a current example of local artists supporting each other, collaborating and still sharing their craft in creative ways, despite the challenges we currently face.

The song is from a future musical titled These Are My Mountains (currently in development) and was created by Terra Bruce Productions in collaboration with cast and crewmembers from Terra Bruce’s current production of No Change in the Weather, including actor/vocalists Mark Whalen, Phil Goodridge, Melanie O’Brien, Vicki Harnett and Kelly Ann Evans. Musicians are Chuck Bucket, Sean Panting, Paul Kinsman, Kelly Russell, Tamsyn Russell, and Josh Ward.

The song was arranged by Terra Bruce Producer Bob Hallett and Paul Kinsman, written by Bob Hallett, Paul Kinsman, and Walter Schroeder, with video editing by Wes Holmes.

“When this long night is over, will our hopes have disappeared?
Oh, hard times come again no more…”