woman of labrador

A haunting tribute to a rugged way of life. A celebration of the indomitable spirit of women of Labrador, past and present. Labrador, known to citizens of Newfoundland and Labrador as The Big Land, imparts a sense of wonder and awe, not just for its landscape, but for a way of life uniquely its own.

Through the mastery of lead vocals by Vicki Harnett (supported by the musicians of the Terra Bruce Team including Paul Kinsman, Bob Hallett, Josh Ward, Sean Panting, and Chuck Bucket) Woman of Labrador celebrates the pioneering spirit of Labrador women
of days past, so beautifully illustrated in Elizabeth Goudie’s captivating memoir of her pioneering life as a trapper’s wife in the early 1900s. Her book, also entitled Woman of Labrador, was first published in 1973 and has since become a classic.

Written by singer/songwriter Andy Vine, the song Woman of Labrador is the latest creative endeavour from Terra Bruce Productions, and is part of the musical lineup from the
upcoming musical These Are My Mountains, currently in pre-production.

During this time of isolation, from each other and from our audience, the artists and creative team behind Terra Bruce Productions are working hard to make new music and theatre, using whatever medium we can to continue to bring the best of our province’s artistry to the world.

Woman of Labrador is a part of this mission.

“At night when they’re all in bed, go outside and raise your head, watch the northern lights go dancing far over the sea…”