Formed in 2018 and investing over 2 million dollars annually into the Newfoundland and Labrador economy, Terra Bruce Productions is a Creation Company based in St. John’s with producers, filmmakers, musicians, singers, and actors. Together we represent a creative, collaborative force in the production of quality entertainment content for the stage and screen.

Our vision and mandate is to produce exceptional entertainment across all genres; content that showcases the rich diversity of east-coast talent and culture.

We have a full-time, fully staffed studio located in St. John’s with production and post-production facilities at the ready. Terra Bruce Productions creates web series, musical performances for the stage, and has produced over 50 music recordings from the Newfoundland song canon.


With decades of collective industry experience, our production management team inspires our artists to achieve new creative heights.

Land Claims Statement

We respectfully acknowledge the land on which we gather as the ancestral homelands of the Beothuk [bee-oth-uck], whose culture has been lost forever and can never be recovered. We also acknowledge the island of Ktaqmkuk [uk-dah-hum-gook] (Newfoundland) as the unceded, traditional territory of the Beothuk and the Mi’kmaq [mee-gum-maq]. And we acknowledge Labrador as the traditional and ancestral homelands of the Innu [in-new] of Nitassinan [ne-tass-eh-nen], the Inuit [in-new-eet] of Nunatsiavut [nu-nat-see-ah-vut], and the Inuit of NunatuKavut [nu-nah-tuhk-ah- vut]. We recognize all First Peoples who were here before us, those who live with us now, and the seven generations to come. As First Peoples have done since time immemorial, we strive to be responsible stewards of the land and to respect the cultures, ceremonies, and traditions of all who call it home. As we open our hearts and minds to the past, we commit ourselves to working in a spirit of truth and reconciliation to make a better future for all.

Bob Hallett

Chief Operating Officer

A native and resident of St. John’s, in 1993 he and some friends started Great Big Sea, a legendary band that went on to sell over a million and a half records around the world over a 20-year career. Among other accomplishments, the band had twelve gold and multi-platinum albums, including several number one albums in Canada. A master musician steeped in Newfoundland traditional styles, Bob can play a dozen instruments, and wrote and sang many songs with the band. He has played thousands of concerts with Great Big Sea and other artists, and made countless appearances on television and radio. His company Kilbride Music, has managed bands, produced records, created radio specials, and promoted many live concerts. He works with the producers of the Tony & Olivier award-winning Broadway musical Come From Away as a Music Consultant and has also worked at the Stratford Festival as a Composer & Music Director. As an author he has written dozens of magazine articles, essays and several books, including the best-selling memoir Writing Out the Notes, and as an arts entrepreneur he is a frequent commentator on public affairs.

Ann Connors

Managing Producer

Ann is an Independent Arts Consultant whose practice focuses on blue sky visioning, strategic planning, national and international touring, and representation of the work of female artists. She resides and works in Newfoundland and Labrador, the ancestral homelands of the Beothuk and home to the Mi’kmaq, Innu, Inuit, and Southern Inuit peoples.

Ann is the former Managing Director of One Yellow Rabbit, Curator of the High-Performance Rodeo, Calgary’s International Festival of the Arts, and is the former Managing Director of Canada’s Magnetic North Theatre Festival. Her career as a Administer, Producer, and Presenter in the performing arts in Canada spans over 20 years. She has produced over 30 new Canadian plays, has presented over 300, and has toured work throughout Canada and internationally.

Ann serves on the Board of Directors of the Association for Professional Theatres Newfoundland and Labrador and on the Board of Directors for Newfoundland’s Neighbourhood Dance/Festival of New Dance. She has served as a Board/Committee Member for many organizations across the country; on many national and international initiatives that serve the performing arts across the country, and on many peer assessment juries for the municipal, provincial, and federal levels. She is a passionate and outspoken advocate for the performing artists of Canada.